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In today’s digital age, a website is the first stepping stone for any business. Let your business be local or global, small or large, a user-friendly and responsive website is a must for boosting your revenue and profitability. Ravian Media is a leading website design and development services provider company based in Pune, India. Contact Ravian today to get your custom and a free quotation for all your web service’s needs.

Professional, reliable, and competent web services.

Website Development

We, at Ravian Media, cater to all your web development needs – right from designing to maintaining the website on daily basis. Our experts are vigilant to make your website always look great and run smoothly to give a wholesome user experience.

Website Re-design

Whether you are looking for small changes or a complete overhaul, Ravian Media is fully equipped to transform your pre-existing dull and obsolete website into a brand-new, dynamic site. We also tweak websites to change their compatibility for different systems and platforms.

WordPress Website

WordPress is a versatile and popular choice for content management systems (CMS) and open source blogging. We make use of WordPress to its fullest extent and launch your online business with a top-notch website.

Drupal Website

Competent at taking care of a wide range of industries and business types, Drupal lets you create mobile-friendly websites and web applications. We offer web services using this complex yet powerfully efficient and effective content management system (CMS).

E-commerce Website

Flourish your existing shop or business by launching your e-commerce website. E-commerce websites help you reach a wider customer base and expand your business to new heights. We can convert your existing website into a full-fledged e-com portal or create a brand-new site for you.

Magento Website

Launch your e-commerce website using Magento – a popular open-source platform capable of handling high-end websites as well as mobile-friendly apps. We at Ravian offer sophisticated e-com web design and development solutions through Magento.

PHP Website

Create search-engine-friendly and robust websites using PHP – a prominent open-source platform. We use PHP effectively to create advanced and cross-platform websites and web applications.

Android App Development

Android apps accompanying your website is best suited in today’s digital age. It helps you increase your reach by connecting with mobile internet users. Our teams are capable of handling all your web application design and development needs along with comprehensive Android solutions.

Website - first step of a successful business.

It is a proven fact that a website is the first impression a customer has about the company or its services. Therefore, more and more companies are now opting to revamp their website design and develop a comprehensive and competent online presence. This is ultimately going to positively affect the customer footprint, conversion rate, and obviously, revenue and profitability. With an optimized website boasting relevant content, smart design, and fluid user interface, it is just a matter of time before your business succeeds online.

Struggling with your online business? Launch into the market with a revamped website…

What our web design and development services include?

Website hosting

Ravian’s web development solutions believe in the ‘all services under one roof’ policy. Keeping in line with that, we also provide website hosting solutions if our clients need them. Website uptime is a vital factor for online businesses and we believe it is essential to also offer website hosting and domain management services to our esteemed clientele.

Website security

Keep all your data secured with our contemporary and comprehensive website security solutions. In today’s age of internet, security is a vital issue and Ravian Media offers you all-inclusive web development solutions for a variety of your requirements. Our backend developers are on constant vigil to look after your website’s security.

Custom/Ready website designs

You think and we will design it. Designers and creators at Ravian Media have rich experience in customizing website designs for a variety of business sectors and industries. Need faster results? We also host a wide array of pre-designed website templates for speedier website development and launch.

Custom coding and development

Our team of dedicated developers creates custom website codes for new website design and development. A comprehensive strategy and planning are employed for effective code development for the safety and smooth running of your website and web applications.

SEO Friendly

A website is not fully effective without search engine optimization (SEO). Ravian employs efficient SEO strategies to make your web presence more visible and increase the consumer footfall on your website.

Existing content import

Already possess a website with excellent content? We can help you import your old content into a new website or platform. Keep the trusted, longstanding content and revamp the peripheral web services.

Lead form creation

Lead forms are essential for tracking visitors to your website. At Ravian we offer a comprehensive lead form creation service to develop and display them on your websites. Tap onto the visiting customers and increase your lead ratio. Convert visitors into trusted, long-lasting customer relationships.

Responsive Web Design

A fluid and fast website clutches visitors. Overhaul your slow, dusty, old website with Ravian Media’s extensive web design and development solutions. Catchy design and digital content paired with dynamic back-end maintenance of your website make sure that your website is always responsive and efficient.

XML sitemap creation

XML sitemaps are lists of all the important pages and their links. Such sitemaps are essential for search engine optimization and submitting these to search engines like Google enables your websites to appear and trend on relevant SERPs. We create and submit the XML sitemap so you can submit the same to Google.

Why choose Ravian Media for Web Design and Development Services?

  • Team of skilled developers, graphic designers and content writers.
  • Custom website design and development.
  • 100% transparent and affordable web services.
  • Proven strategies and state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Competent post-launch technical support and website maintenance.

Drive your business growth with interactive and engaging websites by Ravian Media.

We help you develop the core of your digital ecosystem

We believe in encompassing your vision into our skills and bringing forward a remarkable online experience. Seeding our clients’ ideas, we conceptualize and plan everything to go ahead in the right direction. Our able teams design and develop various aspects to bring the website to life. The website is launched after extensive and comprehensive testing to leave no stone unturned.

Related services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ravian Media boasts a dedicated arm for search engine optimization (SEO) services. Clubbing these with our website design and development services gives the best possible results for your business growth and revenue boost strategies.

content writing

Content Writing

Intelligent and relevant content resonates with smart web designing and development. Our team of content writers is here to satisfy and support your content development and creative essentials.

animation and video marketing

Animation & Video Marketing

Ravian has a skilled team of animators and visual content creators. Attractive websites and eye-catching graphics are vital to the success of an online business. Our team ensures quality work and delivers a high-end services to cater to your animation and video marketing needs.

android app development

Android App Development

Android application market has a share of more than 80% as of today! Hence it is pivotal for businesses today to tap-in this vast customer base by developing relevant Android-based applications. Our developers at Ravian Media can help you create one for your business.


Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing is of great benefit! If you want to promote your company with social media ads or organic posts, we have got all your requirements covered. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp – you just name it!

android bug fix

Android App Bug Fixes

A buggy and slow application hinders its success. As an essential to any multimedia, e-commerce, news, and infotainment, or even gaming web-based service, a fluid, and smooth application takes it home. Our app developers are skilled and experienced in handling all your app-related needs including bug fixes.


You should redesign and revamp your website in the following cases:

  • If your website has recently become unresponsive to certain internet browsers or it is not supported on some operating systems.
  • If your website is old and was exclusively meant for desktops, and if it is not compatible with mobile phones.
  • If your website contains outdated designs and obsolete features.
  • If you have received numerous complaints from visitors and negative feedback from customers.

In general, if you have noticed any or all of the above things, then your online business is adversely affected by this resulting in a negative impact on your sales and revenue. In such cases, you should go for website redesign.

As the name suggests, mobile sites are made especially for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other similar hand-held devices. They are designed to appear optimum on the smaller screens while keeping the load times shorter. But they are not ideal for bigger screens of laptops and desktops. A responsive site, on the other hand, dynamically changes itself based on the screen size of the user. It gives the advantage of versatility while keeping the web-address same.

The cost of website design and development varies greatly. It depends on a multitude of factors such as the number of pages, complexity of the website, use of multimedia, website security, hosting and domain management, content writing, etc. Websites are differ based on the platform they use – such as PHP, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, etc. Contact Ravian Media today to get a quote on your website design and development needs.