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The one thing that has revolutionized communications & brought the world closer is social media marketing services. Social media is the most powerful platform for reaching out to millions as it is only natural for people to network. Today, social media marketing strategy is the heart of any digital marketing plan. It greatly allows you to build recognition, interact with your audience & create a mark. A good social media marketing plan can help you meet your marketing goals & portray your business in a positive light. Using the B2B social media marketing strategy you can increase sales, drive website traffic & create a dedicated audience that can be converted into potential leads.

Social Media Marketing Services

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Social media marketing service holds great potential when executed with a clear plan. It all lies in the social media marketing strategies. Every business type demands a unique strategy & choice of relevant social media marketing platforms. Social media marketing companies helps businesses increase their online presence, create awareness & improve communication with key audiences. With engaging content, a business can generate a conversation around the brand. SMM also enables audience research which provides scope for improving strategies & services. Businesses get to build customer loyalty through these platforms & establish themselves as topical authorities. Social media marketing service also proves to be the best platform for updating the world about activities around your brand.

Social media marketing companies in India. Engage, Enlighten & Encourage!

Widely used social media marketing platforms

Facebook Social Media Marketing


Facebook is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms due to its usage. There are more than 1.4 billion users worldwide out of which 9 million visit the site every day! Moreover, Facebook users encompass all the demographics, right from teenagers to old men. The platform is quite affordable for advertising & also enables you to measure the ROI through “Facebook Insights”.

Twitter Social Media Marketing


Twitter also forms one of the largest social networks boasting more than 300 million users that produce over 500 million tweets daily. Since the platform displays occasional tweets, your posts are bound to reach many new viewers. “Twitter Ads” serves as a guide for designing impactful social media marketing campaigns. Studies have shown that twitter marketing campaigns offer 40% higher ROI as compared to other platforms.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing


About 100 people sign-in on the LinkedIn network every 2 seconds. It is the largest professional network with 722+ million members spanning more than 200 countries. With LinkedIn’s very detailed profile templates, you can portray your company’s journey the right way. The LinkedIn b2b marketing & advertising solutions help you create ad campaigns to drive the website traffic and generate leads on a set budget.

Instagram Social Media Marketing


Instagram is a very dynamic social media marketing platform with more than 800 million monthly users. With Instagram social media marketing tools, you can study the audience demographics. Following the same # hashtags as your competitors allows you to look up their activities. And most of all, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for storytelling as it allows you to post teasers, carousels & dynamic ads.

YouTube Marketing


YouTube is the topmost platform used for sharing video content. One of the benefits of YouTube marketing is that, as the second most-visited website, it provides an excellent potential for exposure. It is cost-effective & at the same time provides a global audience as compared to television. Since YouTube videos are often ranked high on Google, no wonder a good YouTube marketing strategy can increase your reach to multiple folds.

Snapchat Social Media Marketing


Snapchat bags over 100 million daily users & with upcoming exciting features, it is gaining more popularity. If your target audience is youngsters then Snapchat ads is the platform for you. It allows you to create 10-second video ads that are posted between stories. This can be useful for teasing products, services, or even behind the scenes clips. Snapchat marketing also allows you to share coupons & hold contests to check the audience engagement.

Benefits of social media marketing

Why social media marketing is important? Social media marketing service helps you increase website traffic, build conversations & raise brand awareness.

Social media marketing basically builds a platform for getting people. The right choice of social media marketing network, strategy & content assures a good ROI & customer engagement. It also helps in getting recognition & creating a positive brand association. SMM gives you an opportunity to improve your communication with key audiences.

B2B social media marketing strategy - beyond ads, more of a platform for enlightenment & entertainment.

Why choose Ravian Media for social media marketing services?

We are a social media marketing agency in India, helping you create a brand that represents your products and the core values of your company. We enable communicating your brand’s vision. Our style, social media designs & strategies are greatly customized and make a mark helping you gain recognition. We aim at familiarizing your target audience with the brand thereby building brand loyalty, trust, and converting them into lifetime buyers. A good ROI is our guarantee as we strongly believe in our social media marketing services & strategies.

We understand the dynamism of the process

A successful social media marketing strategy is possible only with rigorous tracking & daily optimization. Our social media marketing experts study what your audience likes the most & iterate the process to help you achieve the marketing goals. We deliver monthly reports to help you track your progress.

Unique storytelling approach

Ravian Media strongly believe in storytelling through its social media marketing strategies. Our stories serve as a bridge between your brand & the target audience. We play around with the ideas that create a long-lasting impact.

Highly creativeteam

Fresh & unique content with each of our services is a given. We breathe creativity & strongly believe in personalizing & customizing our social media marketing services according to the client’s needs. We are the proud creators.

Real-time monitoring

We not only deliver social media marketing services but tack how well they’re working for you. Posting the content on the social media network means interacting with millions. We track the audience engagement for you & take care of spam & daily updates too.

Latest tools & techniques

Our social media experts constantly look up for upcoming techniques that facilitate good social media marketing. Our strategies are executed using the latest social media marketing tools. We practice what is proven to be best & ensure your end-to-end growth.

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Because a brand is a lot about what people have to say about it.

Our social media marketing process

We start by setting goals & creating a detailed social media marketing plan which is further improvised & optimized according to the client’s requirements, audience demographics research & our social media expert’s inputs.

We also believe in setting clear deadlines for our deliveries to ensure that your experience with us is worthwhile. We ensure our social media marketing services are in agreement with our clients & are always open to inputs & even last-moment changes.

Social Media Marketing Process

Digital and social media marketing. What's the difference?

Social media marketing service is only a sub-set of digital marketing plan.

Digital marketing encompasses online and some part of offline marketing strategies for promoting a brand & ultimately increasing profit. Along with SEO and SMM, it also includes pay-per-click advertising, ecommerce optimization, email marketing, Amazon advertising & more. Whereas SMM solely leverages various social media marketing platforms for introducing a brand worldwide, improving customer engagement, brand building, and brand loyalty among the audience with an aim of generating leads.

What do our social media marketing services encompass?

We got it all!
We take responsibility for your end-to-end social media marketing management.

  • Social media posts
  • Social media network setup and optimization
  • Social media account audit
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Social media reputation management
  • Boosted post & page like ad management
  • Competitor social media analysis
  • Data-driven social strategy
  • Dedicated social media account manager
  • Daily social media hygiene check
  • Transparent monthly reports
  • Optional social media services

Spam management, audience engagement tracking daily updates & monthly progress reports are the key features of our services.

Build a tribe of millions

It all starts with social media marketing.

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According to us, every business does. Even if you’re in the top-most position in your industry, you’d always want to grow your reach.

Social media marketing is beyond the conventional ads & a lot more like an informative & entertaining platform for your audience. Through social media you can convey a lot about your brand organically. And believe it or not, instead of trusting your words, people always look for evidence. The number of likes on your social media posts and comments says it all & helps in building customer loyalty.

Calculating ROI in social media marketing can be difficult. However, some factors can be direct or indirect indicators of ROI. We help you measure such factors precisely. Through analytics available on different social media networking sites, one can measure views, traffic, reach, conversion rate, leads generated through social media marketing tools and more. These factors can be compared with your investment to deduce ROI. We provide these details in our monthly reports along with our services to enable easy tracking.

For effective social media marketing, definitely you need a social media marketing agency. The task of a social media company includes everything from content curation, scheduling posts, monitoring brand mentions, replying to customer & partner queries, posts optimization, data analysis & more. Ravian Media, a social media marketing agency in India manage both content marketing and these tasks single-handedly. Our social media marketing expertise comes from our experience.