Reach out to the right consumers at the right place and the right time!

Hosting a website on the internet to promote your business online is not simple game anymore! With millions of businesses globally competing with each other online through websites and social media pages, your customers need to find YOU through this devious web. Lead generation services also known as Pay Per Click or PPC offer the right opportunity to be visible to the exact target audience and draw in inquiries for your products and services.

Lead generation (PPC) – the first step for your online success.

For any digital marketing strategy, lead generation is the ultimate aim. Nevertheless, it is often paid less attention by internet-based businesses which leaves the web-page unresponsive. Pay per click is the simplest and most advantageous form of lead generation that enables your business to be visible to the right target audience through online advertisements. But, you pay for the ads only when someone clicks on them! Isn’t it remarkable?

Losing online business?

Increase your conversion rate with Ravian’s in-detail lead generation solutions.

Types of lead generation marketing.

Google Lead Generation

Bang into your targeted customer base through Google’s vast network. PPC on Google search and Google display network help you get a local as well as a global search audience.

Facebook Lead Generation

Launch onto the world’s largest social media platform with our trailblazing lead generation strategies. With 2.5 billion users, Facebook offers unprecedented business opportunities through PPC and digital marketing

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Target the B2B universe using a vast array of demographic data such as job title, company, industry, seniority, and much more. Find quality B2B leads with brilliantly planned PPC and SMM strategies.


Today, PPC does not only entail the leading social media platforms such as Google and Facebook. With Ravian media, you can conquer all leading search engines and social media avenues to fetch your targets. Bing, Yahoo, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and tonnes of other platforms offer a wide scope for lead generation.

What our lead generation include?

Search Ads

Target clienteles who are already looking for your product categories on different search engine platforms. This is recommended for acquiring genuine and new leads.

Display Ads

With catchy visuals and text attract new leads with display ads. Host your ads on Google display network and partner websites with effectiveness of more than 90%.

Social Media Ads

The social media ads appearing on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are targeted at people based on their hobbies, interests, demographics, and geographic and would certainly fetch highly specific leads.

Remarketing/Retargeting Ads

Remind people who have already visited your website, landing page or an app and target high-converting customers.

Google App

 With Google app promotions your business can reach a wider audience through the various apps like Hangouts, Google Maps, Play Store, Google Photos, etc.

In-stream Ads / YouTube Ads

The advertisements you see during a video on YouTube (or any other video streaming platform) is basically an in-stream ad. With immersive and thoughtful visual content, in-stream ads leave a long-lasting impression on the users.

Gmail Promotion

Gmail sponsored promotions (GSP) works by displaying ads directly into the target’s inbox. These ads involve direct call links which aim to bring the customers into the sales pipeline.

Landing Page Creation

With our skilled and experienced design and development team, create a landing page that will ensure a higher conversion rate and give an immersive experience to the visitors.

Google Shopping Ads

Ideal for e-commerce businesses, this type of PPC ads prompt users about related products with higher chances of conversion.

Ravian’s PPC solutions – Powerful, Profitable, Competent.

Reach targeted audience

With excellent research and analysis, the PPC marketing team at Ravian Media will enable your ads to reach the specific, targeted

Increase footfall

Attractive and relevant visuals and content coupled with strategic placement of PPC ads ensures increased traffic to your online business.

Improve conversion rate

Convert incoming business inquiries and visitors using techniques such as remarketing and Gmail promotion, together with a comprehensive landing page.

Grow business and brand

Elevate your business on the online forum as an eminent brand with comprehensive revenue and business growth.

PPC solutions by Ravian Media.

The answer to your online business growth.

Why choose Ravian Media for lead generation services?

  • Experienced team of digital marketers is capable handling all sorts of strategies.
  • Dedicated account manager for every client.
  • Attractive offers and quotes on all services are top of the class.
  • Proud history of satisfied customers.
  • Solutions and strategies for all allied digital marketing services.

Our lead generation process.

Any lead generation process starts with assessing and auditing your website’s existing conversion paths. Our experienced team strategizes a comprehensive plan for your online business. Once the strategy is launched online, its live metrics are collected and analyzed to continuously keep-up with the marketing dynamics.

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graphic design

Graphic Design

Our skilled team of graphic designers and visual creators are at your service. Equip your PPC strategies with remarkable and appealing graphics and visual content to attract more visitors as well as convert incoming web-traffic.

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Animation & Video Marketing

Ravian boasts a skilled team of animators and visual content creators. Attractive websites and eye-catching advertisements are vital to the success of an online business. Our team ensures quality work and delivers a high-end product to cater to your animation and video marketing needs.


Social Media Marketing

Effective SMM is of great benefit! If you want to promote your company with social media ads or organic posts, we have got all your requirements covered. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp – you just name it!


Search Engine Optimization

For the success of your brand, lead generation and SEO must go hand in hand. A comprehensive SEO for your online business will ensure an equally competent lead generation (PPC) strategy.



Lead generation drives home with clever advertising. Ravian Media offers you a wide range of advertising solutions and services to choose from, right from social media ads to newspaper and billboard advertisement.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Every comprehensive online marketing strategy rides high with equally inclusive content. Our experience at Ravian will support your needs with a competitive content marketing strategy & original and captivating content.

SEO Vs PPC – online marketing dilemma.

SEO is a proven way to establish your brand-name online by increasing credibility and gaining customer trust. However, SEO takes time – around 6 months to start showing results. If you are looking for online marketing solutions that will give you control and flexibility, coupling to provide faster results, then PPC is the way forward. Ideally, SEO and PPC work the best together. But for short-timed business targets and boosting conversion rates, PPC is the best solution.

Lead generation, PPC, SEM – Different names, one inclusive strategy.

PPC advertisements mainly target a certain audience niche and tries to bring in more business. It is a highly cost-effective digital marketing technique that has proven its worth in recent times. While SEM works towards increasing the online visibility of websites on search engine result pages. While, lead generation is a general term used to cover multiple methods and techniques used in digital marketing to rope in new customers and increase conversion ratios.

Looking to grow your business online?

Combine our SEO services along with PPC solutions to maximize the outcomes.


The cost of a PPC campaign varies depending on a multitude of factors. The ticket size and type of your product or service, industry type, local or global market, etc. affect the cost of a lead generation / PPC strategy. However, PPC is by far the most cost-effective way of advertising and lead generation in the digital age.

PPC ads are targeted at users based on their search queries, interests, and other significant factors. Most users are likely to click on the relevant PPC ads appearing on the search result pages at the opportune times. Hence, PPC strategies work exceptionally well at the right time and right place.

Lead generation services involves broader advertisement strategies that include but are not limited to PPC, social media ads, search engine marketing, etc. PPC includes all sorts of advertisements that involve payment only when someone clicks on them.