Stay connected with your clientele and boost your business with email marketing.

Around 4 billion people use email worldwide and more than 50% of users find emails influential in their buying decisions. This is a huge number that can practically be your customer base. Connect with the vast world of email users with smart and inclusive email marketing strategies by Ravian Media. All types and sizes of businesses benefit from the right email marketing techniques as lead-generation and revenue-generation tools.

What our email marketing services include?


Planning and strategizing your email marketing campaign is the first and foremost step. We study and research your business sector and your competitors. Our keen tactics help you stay on top of your business field while driving overall business growth.

Customized Email Templates

We at Ravian Media offer 100% custom email marketing solutions and services. High-impacting email design and development is the core of an influential email marketing campaign. We can create custom email templates on requirement, for any type of communication and any kind of business.

Customized Email Content

Running a business is a full-time job and we know that you will not get enough time to look after your own email marketing needs. To fulfill all your needs, we at Ravian Media provide all the necessary solutions and services, including custom email content and copy-writing. Attract and nurture leads with crisp and catchy email content.

Tracking Email Campaigns

To relieve you of time-consuming tasks such as tracking your email marketing campaigns we provide a dedicated email marketer and account manager. Leave all the hustle to us and see positive results in a short time. These is a real-time saver and help you stay focused on your business essentials.

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Raise the stakes with advanced strategies with our A to Z email marketing solutions. Building a relevant client database, collecting more and useful information from new visitors, personalizing emails with creative and interactive content are how your email marketing campaign can head ahead.

Reporting & Analysis

What’s the use of a marketing campaign without understanding its effect? We provide real-time reporting and detailed analysis of the email marketing campaign to understand the in-depth insights. This way the emails could be tweaked and modified accordingly to maximize the positive output.

Emails are personalized and direct

Email marketing is the chief lead generation service today and a favorite of most businesses because of the high impact and high ROI. It is a proven fact that people find emails more personal and useful than any other advertising method. Emails such as simple newsletters, reminders about ‘you forgot something in the cart’, new offers and products, etc. are a solid way to convert visitors into customers and eventually, long-term clients.

The best email marketing solutions for your business – powerful, smart, and consistent

How we develop successful email marketing strategy?

  • Research on client business and competition
  • Creation of custom and professional email templates and design
  • Developing relevant and interactive email content
  • Client databank building and management

What type of email marketing campaigns we create?

Introduction email

Introduction Emails

To introduce your organization, company, or business.

welcome emails

Welcome Emails

To welcome new visitors and prospects to your website, program, or service.

sequential emails

Sequential Emails

A sequential emailing to remind and keep in touch with existing customers and clients.

promotional emails

Promotional Emails

To advertise new products, services, and offers.

lead nurturing emails

Lead Nurturing Emails

To follow up and convert existing leads into customers and buyers.

email list building

Bulk Email Campaigns

To target and reach a huge number of people on a broad scale.

Why choose Ravian Media for web email marketing services?

  • Dedicated email marketer and account manager to every client.
  • Skilled and experienced team of designers, content writers, and data analysts.
  • Advanced and real-time reporting and tracking.
  • Periodic analysis and strategy management.
  • Overall digital marketing and allied services.

Contact Ravian Media today to get a quote on all your email and digital marketing needs.

Email marketing has now become the main weapon in the arsenal of digital marketing companies and online strategists due to its reach, popularity, and effectiveness. It is very cost-effective and suits any budget-friendly digital marketing strategy.

Related services

graphic design

Graphic Design

Convert bleak emails into eye-catching pieces of digital content. Equip your email marketing strategies with remarkable and appealing graphics and visual content to attract more visitors as well as convert incoming web-traffic.


Branding Services

Emails are one of the best and most effective ways for branding your business. Launch and popularize your brand with our smart branding services. Establish yourself in the market and take control of your sales and growth.

landing page design

Landing Page Design

With our skilled and experienced content and designing team, create a landing page that will ensure a higher conversion rate and give an immersive experience to the visitors. Embed links to landing pages in personalized email marketing campaigns.

content writing

Content Marketing

With inclusive and comprehensive content writing boost your email marketing plans. Ravian’s marketing team is fully capable of supporting your needs with a competitive content marketing strategy & original and appealing content.

animation and video marketing

Animation & Video Marketing

Convert text-laden emails into interactive and eye-catching email with embedded videos. Our team ensures quality work and delivers a impactful video content to cater to your animation and video marketing needs.

animation and video marketing

Email List Building

A comprehensive email marketing strategy is practically incomplete without an inclusive email and contact databank. We at Ravian Media provide you with equally competent databank and email list building solutions so that your email marketing reaches all the relevant niches of the customer base.


Email marketing is a versatile mode of digital marketing. Whether your business is small or big, local or global, online or offline – email marketing can certainly help you. It could be used in many different ways – to welcome new customers, to follow-up on past customers and leads, to convert prospects into future customers, and so on…

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing. The return on investment on email marketing is arguably the highest – around a whopping 4400%. As per your budget, email marketing strategies can be custom-made to suit your need.

Email IDs of people can be obtained in multiple ways. The most common ways are via social media platforms. You can also advertise free tutorials and other material in exchange for people’s contact information. Already established contact and databanks are also available for a price. Additionally, our team of market research experts can help you build your targeted email lists from scratch.