Dive into the immersive world of animation and video marketing services with Ravian Media.

Ever watched a movie that hit you differently? Video is indeed a very powerful medium for conveying your thoughts. Marketing your product this way offers tremendous benefits for branding as well as sales. An animated video is the most convenient and effective form of video marketing. A team of talented animators and marketing strategists is all you need to conquer the online world of video marketing.

Animation and Video Marketing Services

Animation and video marketing services for businesses

Want to explain your services? Want to illuminate your new product? Want to attract more and new customers? Want to popularize your brand? All these questions can be answered by our animation and video marketing services. Bring your business to the notice of online users with catchy and engrossing storytelling. Leave a long-lasting impression of your brand and product with intelligent animations and smart video marketing with Ravian Media.

Connect, Communicate, Captivate

Choose Ravian Media for your animation and video marketing needs.

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Logo animation

Transform a pre-existing static logo or completely redesign your company’s logo with interactive and vibrant 2D/3D logo animation. Leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of your viewers and visitors with animated logos. 

3D engineering animation

Materialize, demonstrate, and advertise your ideas and concepts effectively to drive innovations in the industry. Accomplish your engineering and industrial animation requirements with our cutting-edge 3D animation services.

Product animation

Launch and advertise your product and services in the most innovative way with expert animation effects. Display and promote the USPs and special features with product animation in a way that reaches out to the consumers.

Technical animation

Revamp your technical drawings, diagrams, equipment and plans with state of the art animation solutions at Ravian. 2D and 3D technical animation enables you to reach and effectively communicate with a wider audience.

Architectural animation

Bring richness and clarity to your construction business, architectural plans, real estate business, and property development with our specialized architectural animations.

Explainer animation

Ideal for business marketing, product launches, service promotion, and in general storytelling. Communicate your message clearly and vibrantly with explainer animation videos. 

Whiteboard animation

This intuitive and cost-effective animation technique is ideal for educational videos, non-profits, and small businesses. Bring your ideas onto a whiteboard with simple yet spontaneous animations.

Character animation

Personalize your video marketing with a central animated character that will engross your viewer base emotionally. With the latest 2D and 3D high-quality animation tech, Ravian Media takes character animation to a whole new level.

Short Video Ads

Connect with your target audience with strategically placed and timed short animated video advertisements. In today’s fast-paced life short video ads are more effective and proven to be efficient.

Marketing video

Drive concrete results with smart and memorable marketing videos. Promote your business and grow sales of products & services with our tried & tested video marketing strategies.

Corporate video

Enhance your corporate communications with high quality videos. Boost business development and drive sales with effective and efficient corporate video marketing solution with Ravian.

2D animation

This the most fundamental method of animation that includes frame-by-frame drawing and canvas animations. Ideal for any basic animation needs with minimalistic scenes.

Animation or video marketing = branding + business growth

With the latest 3D and 2D animation techniques, drive your business sales and growth with renewed zest. Reach out to a wider audience and leave a long-lasting impression using Ravian Media’s competent and efficient animation and video marketing services. Animated videos are more cost-effective than live action videos and are an effective way of conveying your thoughts and messages. Advertise, demonstrate, convey, and attract your target customer base with animated video marketing.

Why choose Ravian Media for Animation & Video Marketing Services?

  • Latest animation techniques and technology.
  • A team of expert animators and graphic designers.
  • Expert in using wide range of animation software and tools
  • Animations and videos are always with high-quality content.
  • Cost-effective plans and affordable services.

Our animation and video marketing process

  • Briefing & Start – We listen to your ideas and try to convert them through creative briefing and information gathering.
  • Script Development – A solid script is the soul of an effective video. We leave no stone unturned to convert ideas into a working script. 
  • Storyboarding – Next stage is to reinforce the idea behind the animated video by creating a storyboard with client’s help. 
  • VoiceoverMost videos require a voiceover to convert an inert animation into an audio-visual spectacle. 
  • Animation/Video – After the satisfactory storyboards, script, and voiceover, the job goes to our talented and experienced animators to develop a compelling animated video.
  • Delivery – We hand over the finished product to you and help you strategize the launch and marketing via video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
Animated Video Production Process

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Propel into the world of animation and video marketing with Ravian Media


The time taken to make an animated video depends on various factors such as complexity, length, type of animation, voiceovers, and team members. An average one-minute video typically takes about one month to complete the production cycle. More complicated and longer videos may even take months. But we also cater to your urgent needs with a speed-up process and larger workforce.

An animated video is certainly less costly than a live action video. The number of essential personnel is considerably less for animations and there’s no need for a shooting location, equipment, and professional. A team of animators and content creators are capable of making animated videos remotely from their office. All these things make 3d animated video cost way more effective.

Animations and video marketing helps your business in a multitude of ways –

  • Increase the visibility of your brand
  • Promote your products and services
  • Engage the audience and gain new customers
  • Deliver and explain complex concepts or processes in simpler and fun ways
  • Boost your company’s sales and growth